Sunday, October 23, 2011

FMQ Friday - slate tiles and pincushions

It's weekend again and that means showing of my FMQ slate tiles ;) Not much to show - tiles where not as much of a problem (even though they are a little uneven - Leah said it's ok ) as keeping the rows straight.
Then I went to practise the wavy lines from week one - you can clearly see which side was the beginning. Then I was in the mood for more FMQ so I tried to fill up the empty spaces between the lines ;)

Now to show you something that actually went good and turned out as I imagined - I made a couple of simple pincushions - they were really easy to make and turned out nice fluffy and soft :) Kind of a weird light - it's been so dark and dreary the whole week, no sun at all, so I didn't have much natural light for picture taking.


Pat Merkle said...

Your tiles look good, but I just love your wavy line fillers!

CarlaKH said...

too cool..I love fabric and wish I had the patience to learn something new! Those pin cushions are adorable!

Manda said...

Your tiles look good. Love the doodling in the wavy lines!!

Cindy said...

I like it! I like it! Your tiles look great and your waves are indeed truly waves, but what I really like is your filling doodle on the waves. Well done!

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