Sunday, May 27, 2012

Slow and steady wins the race or Turtle quilt finally finished

This is a kiddie size quilt I made using Connecting Threads quilt kit. My SIL is expecting and I just found out it's going to be a boy, so I'll have a quilt ready :)

The top piecing was quick - love the pattern and the fabric too - the problems started with layering and quilting. Backing is CT flannel with another applique turtle.
I usually use 80/20 or bamboo batting, but this time I wanted the quilt to be thicker and fluffy so I decided to use poly batting. Boy o boy - that stuff is really annoying - didn't want to stay straight (it was creased from the package), the spray adhesive didn't stick to it properly and it kept moving and wrinkling when I was quilting...
Quilting: first I thought I'll make a sampler - different FMQ pattern on the top and bottom, different around the turtle, stitch in a ditch around the blocks... it looked really weird on the other side, so I ripped all the stitches out, straightened all the layers again and tried a wavy all around quilting - the batting and backing still kept moving and wrinkling - ripped it out again and stuffed it in the closet..
Couple weeks later I took it out - pinned it this time and quilted it with wavy lines - slow progress as I checked after each row for wrinkles.    Click image for larger version

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here is a close-upClick image for larger version

Name: CT Turtle quilt detail.jpg
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and the turtle on the backClick image for larger version

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